Our Club

Flying Rabbits Ultimate Club

aka the FRUC

The Flying Rabbits Ultimate Club (FRUC) was formed in 2013 under the impulse of a bunch of friends who couldn’t resist the power of attraction of a disc flying in the wind (yum).

It’s a club that has grown, matured and become a reference in the Belgian and international Ultimate scene, for its performances (a little) and for its spirit (a lot).

FRUC is a club that plays Ultimate with its opponents. A club that wants to be exemplary in Spirit, combative on the Beer Races and valiant on the field.

Today, the FRUC represents 80 adult members and a dozen junior members. The club is organized on a voluntary basis and encourages every initiative of these members.

Thus, democratically elected committees take care of the administrative management, the coaching management and the selection of players for the numerous competitions.
Other committees also keep the club alive around various themes such as the question of gender in our sport, the making of incredible goodies, the organization of our annual tournament, the communication of the club etc.

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