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Discover Ultimate Freesbee

In 4 videos, discover what makes this sport the best of all sports.


Learn the basic rules of the game.
We took the best of amazing sport to create, the Ultimate Game.

Two teams of 7 players compete again each other. Games are usually payed on grass, but also found their way on beach and indoors. The field has 2 end zones. The goal: getting the disc from one zone to the other. This is done by giving passes and running in the center part of the field.
Made with genius by our friends from Diabolic Heaven!

It is a sport that empowers each player to play fairly and smoothly. The current rules are set by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF). They offer two levels of testing on its website to receive accreditation.



Kinda boring text, but some great pictures!
You’ll see excerpts of official games organised by our federation, the World Flying Disc Federation, aka the WFDF who is responsible for the governance of flying disc sports around the globe.

Because each player’s position is relative to the disc and the disc is always moving, the game is always moving!


Love, Joy, Respect, Friendship.

If you don’t want to start playing after watching this one.. well… you probably don’t have a heart.

Love at First Flight, aka LAFF, is one of the many fun tournaments organized in Belgium that allows you to have a great time on and off the court. This tournament is specifically dedicated to players with less than 3 years of experience.
If you’re just starting out, you have to participate, it’s a blast!


It’s always good to know where it comes from;)


With the Flying Rabbits, you will be able to develop your sporting skills
but also get to know a crazy team always ready to have fun.