I Don’t Carrot All 2016

Welcome to Barnum's Circus

Freaky Teasers

Music composed with awesomeness by Thibault Dille
Video produced & edited with passion by Rahul Venkit

Magical Jingles

Composed with love by Thibault Dille

Crazy Teams

Jet Set (BE)

Diabolic Heaven (BE)

Flying Penguins (BE)

Friz’Bisontins (FR)

Compil’Disc (FR)

ULB Team E (BE)

Ultimate NUTS (NL)

Skywalkers (BE)

Spinnister Motives (EU)

Apocalyptic Cows (UK)

Boloss Team (FR)

Bestial Results


’cause it ain’t enough to be good just in one thing

Spinnister Motives

Spirit of the Game

Spinnister Motives

Games Ranking

1st – Jet Set
2nd – Spinnister Motives
3rd – Diabolic Heaven
4th – Compil’Disc
5th – Flying Penguins
6th – ULB Team E
7th – Boloss Team
8th – Skywalkers
9th – Ultimate NUTS
10th – Friz’Bisontins
11th – Ah Ouh Puc
12th – Apocalyptic Cows

Party & Fun

Boloss Team

Dreamy Souvenirs

Hilarious Finals

Unforgettable Aftermovie

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