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On the occasion of last year’s 8th of March, we are happy to share with you (again) our “Gender Book”, a guide for promoting gender equality in Ultimate Frisbee.
The Flying Rabbits Ultimate Club has been an avid promoter of Mixed Ultimate Frisbee and has been working hard since its creation, and even more so since 2017, to promote gender equality within the club. This document provides a conceptual basis for understanding the issue of gender in sport, the history of our reflections, and the tools and practices we have developed in order to overcome the challenge of gender equality in team sport.
Below download our gender book for free.

Also avaible in French and Dutch ūüėČ
Gender Book in French           Gender Book in Dutch


Special thanks to the determined COMIX members, passionate writer, talented graphist, kind proofreaders and generous sponsors: Morgane Dille, Miguel Rosal Martins, Marie Aline Hacken, Elie Jesuran, Antoine Lambert, Marie Hanquart, Manon Coyne, Ysaline Sacrez, St√©phanie Gautier, No√©mie Dekoninck, Elo√Įse Sterkendries, Boris Feron, Eva Maxson, Egalit√© des chances – Gelijke Kansen – BXL, Ville de Bruxelles !

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