Free Summer Practice

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Hello YOU who wants to try Ultimate Frisbee, The Flying Rabbits invite you to their Summer Practice !
Every Thursday in August and until mid-September from 8pm to 10pm
3/08 – 10/08 – 17/08 – 24/08 – 31/08 – 7/09 – 14/09
Terdelt – Pl. Terdelt 1, 1030 Schaerbeek
And you are ready to join the club, then complete the registration form !

The registration form is now closed.
After the 17th of September, contact us by email at


IDCA 2023: canceled

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Hello everyone,

We regret to announce the cancellation of the 2023 edition of our tournament 😪
Due to the lack of registered teams, we had to make the painful decision to cancel this edition.


But expect something phenomenal next year…
We’ll be back in force to celebrate our club’s 10th anniversary! 🤩


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Once again our sport has been highlighted in the media for its values.

The program ‘Autrement‘ of the Brussels channel BX1 was about inclusion in sport and we answered this call to highlight Ultimate Freesbee.
Mixed gender on the field, self-refereeing, spirit of the game and non-contact sport, here are already 4 ingredients that allow us to work on openness and inclusion in our sport.

Although within the club we are working on the issue of gender, notably with the Women in Ultimate project, there are still other issues to be addressed at the level of our federation. For example, the place of non-gender persons. Something to think about.

Open Training Sessions

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Open Training Sessions

Good news, the Flyings Rabbits open training sessions are starting again this summer!

You want to discover the sport and the Flyings Rabbits Ultimate Club?
Are you looking for a sport based on fair play, mixed (or not), in team, without referee, without contact, but with a maximum of fun, a desire to progress in a benevolent way, and all this in a competitive spirit centered on the team progress?
You didn’t think it was possible to combine all these qualities in one sport. Check it out with your own eyes.

The men and women players (Belgian indoor champions and Belgian outdoor vice-champions (yes, they are 😉 )) of the Flyings Rabbits, will welcome you in a friendly atmosphere for a great introduction to Ultimate Frisbee!

What’s on the agenda?

A specific introduction to the throws and the functioning of an Ultimate match, followed by a super match of all levels for an extraordinary experience. No experience required! Our experienced coaches and players are at your service to adapt the initiation to all levels!

Thursdays 4/8, 11/8, 18/8, 1/9, 8/9, 15/9 and 22/9 (basically every Thursday in August and September except 25/8 and 29/9).

Schedule: from 8pm to 10pm + a little drink at the refreshment bar for those who ran to much 😊

On the Terdelt pitch in Schaerbeek.
Address: Place. Terdelt 1, 1030 Schaerbeek.

NB: We play on a grass pitch, you can bring cleats if you have them but a pair of running shoes will do very well!


What about experienced players?

Don’t worry, we’ve thought of you too 😉
We also offer you to join us:

  • every Monday and Thursday in July!
  • every Monday of the month of August!

These trainings are intended for experienced players already familiar with the stack movements, and the rudiments of disc throwing hum hum 😊

You are of course also welcome on Thursdays.
That’s it, everything is said, just have to throw it ! We are waiting for you !

NB : The trainings are coached in French, but we always end up finding a translator 😊

Junior Tournament Hat

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Junior Tournament Hat

In these difficult health times, it is important to continue playing our favourite sport. It is important for us, but also for our juniors. They are the future of Belgian Ultimate, so it is important that they continue to play, but also that they can meet their counterparts, the juniors of other clubs.

That’s why the Flying Rabbits are offering a one-day HAT (5v5) tournament for Belgian Ultimate juniors (U18)!

This tournament will take place in Brussels, on the Terdelt field (1 Place Terdelt – 1030 Schaerbeek) on Sunday 24 April 2022, from 9am to 5pm. We would also like to introduce our sport to parents. That’s why we propose a team of 10 parents who will meet the different juniors during a championship that we hope will be as sporty as it is spiritual.

The tournament is free. However, no lunch is provided, so think about it!
For this first edition, there will be 80 places.

Registrations are made via the google form that you can find below with a simple rule: “first come, first served”. Registrations will be open until 20 March.
Please note that this form must be filled in individually for each participant

Thank you in advance for forwarding this information to your Juniors and their parents.

Gender Book

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On the occasion of last year’s 8th of March, we are happy to share with you (again) our “Gender Book”, a guide for promoting gender equality in Ultimate Frisbee.
The Flying Rabbits Ultimate Club has been an avid promoter of Mixed Ultimate Frisbee and has been working hard since its creation, and even more so since 2017, to promote gender equality within the club. This document provides a conceptual basis for understanding the issue of gender in sport, the history of our reflections, and the tools and practices we have developed in order to overcome the challenge of gender equality in team sport.
Below download our gender book for free.

Also avaible in French and Dutch 😉
Gender Book in French           Gender Book in Dutch


Special thanks to the determined COMIX members, passionate writer, talented graphist, kind proofreaders and generous sponsors: Morgane Dille, Miguel Rosal Martins, Marie Aline Hacken, Elie Jesuran, Antoine Lambert, Marie Hanquart, Manon Coyne, Ysaline Sacrez, Stéphanie Gautier, Noémie Dekoninck, Eloïse Sterkendries, Boris Feron, Eva Maxson, Egalité des chances – Gelijke Kansen – BXL, Ville de Bruxelles !

Want to try Ultimate ? Come and join us this summer ! (2021)

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New free practie days !
 30/08: Kituro
02/09: Terdelt*
09/09: Terdelt*

* Terdelt: 20:30 - 22h - 1 Terdeltplein 1030 Schaarbeek

We hope to see you there !

Hey ultimate players, family and friends!

From 5th july until august 23th, all our monday trainings will be open to everyone who would want to try the sport or want to join the club!

Location: Kituro, Avenue des jardins 50bis à Schaerbeek - 19:30 - 22:00.

Feel free to join us, contact us, and check our website for further information!

More info: on Facebook or by mail:

See you soon!

World Ultimate Club Championships | Cincinnati Baby

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It will have been all over your newsfeed and your TV screen, your morning coffee conversations and your local newsagent. The summer of 2018 was all about the major worldwide sporting event. Yes, you know what we’re talking about. The World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC), of course!

The 2018 WUCC took place in Cincinnati, Ohio, from the 14th to the 21st of July. It takes place every four years and brings together the top 128 teams in the world for one week. And this year, it was extra special. This year, it featured none other than your very own FLYING RABBITS, on their first appearance on the world stage, and ended with them snatching one of the competition’s top awards!

Now, how did we get there?

When the Flying Rabbits Ultimate Club was founded back in 2013, hardly anyone on the team had played Ultimate before. So, the Rabbits being who they are (if you don’t know, you’ll catch on soon), they set themselves the fairly reasonable goal of becoming World Champions at the earliest opportunity. The deadline? Just over four years away.

The first challenge was qualifying. Over the space of a few years, the Rabbits quickly learned to improve their game, and, in 2017, they put together a dream team that made the club Belgian vice-champions for the mixed category of the game. This was our ticket to Cincinnati.

And then, the easy part. Another, freshly selected dream team. Over six months of ordinary and dedicated practice sessions, a physical training routine, some team-building, three top-level European tournaments, as well as hours and hours spent looking for sponsors, and, finally, 28 Rabbits flew to Cincinnati, Ohio, ready to take on the world.

So what was it like?

First off, we knew our limited experience meant we weren’t exactly the favourites. That being said, with all the hard work we’d put in, everything we’d learned, and armed with new strategies, our hopes were high!

Under the sweltering Ohio sun, our first games unfolded. They were extremely tough. While we put up very good fights, we were outmatched.

The second half of the competition was more exciting. The Rabbits had some of their best game on, and managed to take the score lead in more than one match-up. But unfortunately we never managed to keep that lead to the end, which did cause some frustration.

Despite all of this, our spirits (small s) remained high, and we were all super pumped to win the last few games. Fate had it otherwise, but our positive attitude, our fighting spirit (still small s) and the fact that we managed to stick together as a team no matter what earned us the title of World Spirit of the Game Champions (capital s this time, woot woot!)! What’s that, you ask? Only the peer-awarded distinction for the most sportsmanly team on the field. All the more significant because, even at the World Championships, the players are the referees!


Our stint in Cincinnati wasn’t just an incredible positive experience, it also helped us grow. As players, as a team, as a club. We’ve come back hungry for more, eager to keep going on our journey to spread love, sportsmanship and Spirit across the world, starting with the Belgian Ultimate Mixed Championship this October. World, here we come (again)!